Animal Healing

Animal Reiki works just as it does with people.  It is a natural, gentle treatment to help heal any health issues, injuries, anxiety, emotional stress and to aid medical treatments.

I work according to each individual creature, ensuring they are comfortable and at ease.

Animals respond extremely well to Reiki and often we don't know the extent to problems they may have.  Reiki works on the areas that is needed within the Animal itself, allowing healing of the area at most need. 

Any animal can be treated, from a bird to a horse and everything in between!

A pet, a farm animal or a wild animal, all types of creatures can benefit from Reiki Healing.  

They will only receive as much Reiki as they need and are happy with.  Therefore, treatment duration varies and often can't be predicted.

I am happy to travel to you, to allow the comfort of your animal in its own surroundings.

Alternatively I can offer a Distance Healing treatment.

I do prefer to do an initial treatment in person if possible.

Animal Reiki Treatments start at $60.

Prices may increase for travel distance or multiple animals.

Please contact me for any questions at all or to discuss your animals needs.


The Reiki Lady

My life is also dedicated to the wonderful world of Reiki.  Since 2007 Reiki has been part of my world and I use it every day in many different ways.  I am trained to Reiki Master Teacher level with 13 years experience treating people and animals.

Reiki is a natural healing which seeks to balance the energy within and around our bodies, this state of balance allows our body to heal, it's natural ability to heal can be most efficient once this energy balance is achieved.  Reiki is a very gentle natural therapy and is completely hands off, creating a relaxed and soothing state. 

It assists it all areas of life, physical health, emotional health, stress, anxiety, worry, artistic blocks, illness etc.


Reiki Treatments - from $80  

Reiki Treatments are very gentle, I work hands off, so usually no contact is necessary.  You may feel some sensation during the treatment or simply a feeling of relaxation.  Treatment times vary,   depending on how much your body needs.  Initial treatments can be around 1hr to 1.5 hours.  Follow up treatments will vary in time, generally between 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

Chakra Balance - $60

You could choose to have a Chakra Balance. This concentrates on each of your energy chakras, to open and clear them to ensure you're energy can flow through the centres well.

This treatment will take around 30-45 mins.

Room Cleanse - from $75

Energy can also effect spaces and objects, so I am able to cleanse a room or space, from old energies or spirits. This can be handy when moving to a new house, an old house or feeling unusual energy in your home.

Times will vary depending on size of the space.

(Prices depend on travel required, please email me to discuss.)

Distance Reiki Treatment - $60 

Reiki can also be done distantly. Distance Reiki treatments are carried out in a very similar way to face to face treatments, purely without me in the same room. It is very effective and useful when travel isn't possible. I do like to have an initial treatment in person, but am happy to do follow up treatments distantly if preferred. 

Reiki is great as a stand alone treatment, in conjunction with other holistic therapies or along side medical treatments.  

Please do contact me to discuss any treatments or any questions you may have.