Deb's Organically Kind Bars

The High Tea Lady's Organic Snack bars are a delicious way to get natural energy.  

A treat with out any monkey business.  

They are vegan friendly, with no cane sugar, gluten, dairy, soya or egg.  They are designed to be available to all, healthy does not need to be boring.  There is a range of flavours to choose from or enjoy them all!  

My Snack Bars are great on the go, a snack on a walk, in the car for long drives, in lunch boxes, after school snacks, morning tea treats or an alternative to an after dinner sweet treat.






The High Tea Lady has created D'O'K Bars with natural energy in mind.  Our body's energy needs to be balanced in all ways, fuel and soul energy.  To keep us on the go our fuel needs to be topped up, with natural sources to avoid any slumps, with optimal nutrition.  Snacks don't have to be naughty!  

Carry a box of these with you in the car, on a walk for a boost, pop in the kids lunch boxes, take to your friends house for morning tea, in a picnic with the Whanau.  

They are versatile and delicious!

Take a box with you as a thank you gift and know everyone can enjoy! 

Why not try a mix of flavours then choose your favourite for next time!

Snack Bar boxes can be delivered to my local area on Banks Peninsula weekly. 

For local delivery, I cover areas from Akaroa, through to Little River, including the outer bays.

Boxes can also be delivered around the Christchurch area each week.

Alternatively for other areas of New Zealand, I can arrange your box to be couriered to you. Please select the 'couriered nationwide' option to order online. Or drop me an email to order directly and pay by bank transfer.

Please contact me with address details and any other special requests.

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