The High Tea Lady

Beautiful treats made in beautiful surroundings.

Natural bakes made amongst Nature.

The High Tea Lady creates handmade delicious bakes based around natural ingredients.

High Tea Events showcase baking using natural Organic ingredients, with a hint of tradition.

Bringing people together with baking to enjoy what our earth provides and the people around us.  

Events are held in beautiful Pigeon Bay,  other private events and catering can also be ‚Äčarranged.  

A Range of cake creations are designed individually to be a great addition for any occasion.  

All are made free of Gluten and Dairy and refined sugars.  Simply and naturally decorated.

Gift Baskets are created for that special gift, full of handmade treats for that special someone.

The High Tea Lady and The Reiki Lady are both about the nature around us and the happiness we can create with delicious food as well as Healing.

Coronation Celebration Afternoon Tea

7th May 2023 Pigeon Bay

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Mothers Day Gifts

Macaron Boxes

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Baking from a Passionate Heart.

No funny business in my baking, simple creations from natural ingredients.

High Tea events can be booked or arranged by contacting me by email, to discuss details to make the perfect High Tea day for you.  

Visit the High Tea page for the latest High Tea dates for events in Pigeon Bay.

Other products can be ordered online or via email.  Perfect Gift options for those special people.

I work to source the best ingredients I can to create natural tasty bakes.  I use Organic ingredients as far as is possible.  Where a quality local alternative is possible I may choose that over being certified organic.  I don't like to eat food with added bits and bobs in it, just naturally what it is, so I wouldn't expect you to either. 

As nature is a big part of my ethos, I steer clear of plastic as much as I can.  My packaging is all plant based recyclable, reusable or compostable.  Gift Baskets items are created in bottles and jars that can be reused by recipient, including hand made basket.

Whilst many of my products are free of gluten, Gluten is used on the premises.  Therefore please do note that there is a risk of traces of Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soya, Nuts in my products.

I take all precautions to prevent this, however, there may still be a risk present.